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My Lisp

A Lisp interpreter

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My Lisp

A Lisp interpreter

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My Lisp is a complete and universal Lisp environment running directly on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It offers an interpreter and an editor, all working on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and most importantly, without requiring any server connection.

(define (REPL eval_me)
    (REPL (println (eval  (read)))))


My Lisp features a Lisp interpreter based on the   McCarthy paper and inspired by MacLisp and Le_Lisp. It is simple, very powerful, but still easy to understand.

My Lisp was designed from the very begining to be easy to learn and enjoy Lisp.

Last, but not least, My Lisp is executing locally. No internet connection is required!


My Lisp has a complete code editor with search&replace, line numbers, code coloring, and smart highlight for parenthesis matching and nested expressions.

The editor is working in both the iPhone and iPad, with proper support for keyboard, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse when available.

Files may be loaded and saved on iPhone/iPad or iCloud.


My Lisp contains a complete help engine written in Lisp to document all core and base functions. It may be invoked right from the interpreter console or from a dedicated tab.

The user and reference manuals are available from within the application, on Apple Books and as standalone pdf documents.


My Lisp features built-in functions for advanced mathematics with native complex numbers and numerical analysis (roots and zeros finder, integral approximation).

The Symbolic Derivation example file contains a complete yet extensible set of Lisp functions allowing to compute the formal derivation of virtually any symbolic function expressed as a Lisp expression.

Lambda Calculus

The Lambda Calculus Lisp file contains various functions related to Lambda Calculus and Combinators.

You will find currying, alpha conversion, beta reduction, and de Bruijn notation. It also allows rewriting expressions using the standard SK combinators.
Alonzo Church encoding is also implemented with numerals, simple math operations, and classical booleans, predicates, and list building functions.


Library and example files contain classical functions and problems solved by My Lisp and may be used as reference to learn Lisp and develop other programs. They include Hanoi, Eight queens, common math functions like gcd, fibonacci, and prime?, along with the historical apply, mapcar and maplist.

Examples are added with every new release of My Lisp.

Lisp dialects

Examples include functions from common and historical Lisp variants like MacLisp and Lisp 1.5, with a special mention for Le_Lisp with its gensym and closure functions.

Scheme is not left out with many functions of influential computer-science text SICP available.

Many more...

Take advantage of your iPad with mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

Complete non-regression tests written in Lisp to assert all functions are working as expected and a good reference to learn how to use them.

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My Lisp application.

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User manual.

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Reference manual.

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User manual.

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Reference manual.